About us

Roll Form Group Botou Company was established in 2007. Our company is devoted to the development and manufacturing of metal plate cold bending roll forming equipment. Now we have a unique management system and product development capabilities and among the leading level of the roll forming Machinery industry.


1. If you have your own profile drawing, please send us, our engineer can design for you as your require.
2. If you don’t have any profile drawing, you can visit our website and choose which model of machine you like better,
Then please send to our sales, we will send you detail quotation.
3. If you really don’t know which model of machine you need, we can recommend the popular used machine according your country.
4. After receive deposit– we will begin making machine
(Most machines will be finished within 25-30days.)
5. When the machine is nearly finished, we will inform customers.
Customers can choose come to test machine or not.
6. If customers come, we will debug the machine and test for him, and show him how to    operate. So they can use well themselves.
If customers don’t come, in case of error, we will also debug and test well with the machine in our factory.

7. Before shipment (please pay off the balance), machine is already well, don’t need to assemble, we will ship as a complete one. So when customers get the machine, only need to connect with electricity, and then operate according to our video which is made for machine’s operation.
8. We provide our customers with 24 months’ warranty.
9. Any parts damaged due to quality problem shall be changed for free within the first two years.
10. Technical guide is provided during whole life of the machine.
11. Oversea services will be provided but any cost thus incurred will be paid by the buyers.

Price strategy

ItemGeneral machinesPrice ($)
1roof/wall single roll forming machine

(trapezoidal/glazed tile/corrugated /ridge cap/double machine; gutter, roll shutter machine)

2Keel(track and stud) machine5,000-9,000
3C/Z purlin machine15,000-22,000
4· Floor deck machine20,000-35,000
5Sandwich panel machine25,000-30,000
6Large machine production line

( Color ship stone coated roof tiles, highway guardrail, high-frequency welded tube)


The above prices are for our General machines, then why some prices are higher?
We will accord the bellow main factors to decide the prices:
1.The raw material
If material are PPGI, Galvanized/Aluminum Plate sheet, then price → Low
If Hard/strip steel and other specific material  → High
2.Rows of rollers
Generally, our engineer will design and figure out how many rollers does one machine need to forming, if customers would like much rollers, then price →High
3.Thickness of raw material
For most roofing sheet machines, Thickness can be pressed between 0.3-0.8mm,
For C/Z purlin 1-3mm, if thickness not these, too thin or too thick all will increase difficulties on design technical and other parts cost, so price→High
4.Wave height &Wave distance
The wave height and distance are specific size on the profile drawing of sheet,
Sure for the sizes, the bigger the size, the higher the price
5.Drive mode
Drive mode has hydraulic mode and motor mode, most factories are use the latter mode—motor. However, we have use hydraulic for more than 10 years.
Hydraulic mode advantages:   High speed,Accurate ,Power saving,Noiseless.
So compare with motor one, hydraulic price→High
There maybe also have other factors, so prices will depends as customers’ require!


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