Leveling and Slitting machine

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Roll Form Group Botou Company was established in 2007. Our company is devoted to the development and manufacturing of metal plate cold bending roll forming equipment. Now we have a unique management system and product development capabilities and among the leading level of the roll forming Machinery industry.

Leveling Machine

Leveler is commonly used in sheet metal processing equipment, stereotypes leveler mainly depends on the thickness, material and requires correction strip. The thicker the material required for structural rigidity to the better, the fewer the number of rolls, roll through the larger, the greater the power (certain width), and vice versa.
Leveling machine is mainly used to correct various sheet specifications sheet and cut into blocks. The machine can be applied to a variety of cold, hot-rolled plate leveler. Because of its easy operation, simple range of applications across many industries machinery, metallurgy, building materials, chemicals, electronics, power, light industry, particularly in shipbuilding, locomotives, boilers, bridges, factories and other industries metal structure has become an indispensable production required products
Slitting machine
Slitting machine production line: Feeding car, uncoiler, leveling machine, slitting machine, scrap winder, tension machine, rewinding machine, unloading devices and other components.
Slitting machine is wide longitudinal cutting roll material equipment. So every industry in the use of the word, we can learn from the range.
1. Use for slitting paper packaging equipment which is currently the mainstream products, packaging market often visible.
2. The demand for sub-sectors strips of leather, cloth, plastic, film and so on.
3. As for the points of the metal coil slitting steel, stainless steel, copper … which is mainly used in steel processing plant pod set steel market operators, rolling mill home appliances industry, automotive, stamping parts and so on.

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