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Roll Form Group Botou Company was established in 2007. Our company is devoted to the development and manufacturing of metal plate cold bending roll forming equipment. Now we have a unique management system and product development capabilities and among the leading level of the roll forming Machinery industry.



  • Lebanon

    This is the client from Lebanon, he own a trading company in China. This client ordered two machines from us, one is XDL 25-210-1050 roll forming machine and another is XDL 440 gutter roll forming machine. He is nice man. Before getting order he came and visited our factory, during visit our factory we affirmed the details. After back from our factory he transferred to us. Although during producing machine has some questions, we solve it happily. And finally, when inspected machine, it is without any questions. He said our machine is perfect. Hoping we will have chance to cooperate again!

  • Zambia

    These pictures show the clients from Zambia with us. This is a couple, when they visited us, it just Oct.1st international day. We picked up them at Beijing airport. Use two days, we reached an agreement on our machine, they ordered a double machine with glazed tile one, and in the coming week, we took them around, go shopping, visit the roll coil factory, ate special Chinese food, travel to great wall, and do many things. And finally, our boss also sent some gifts to them for memory. Our relationship is not only business partner, but also very good friends. That’s really a happy holiday!

  • Portugal

    This is our customer from Portugal. He is a tall and humor man.
    Before he visits us, he usually thinks the European's machine is good. But when he come to our factory, we show him our machines also can be high quality and with reasonable price. Quality products and services let him choose us and finally become our business partner.

  • Korea

    This pic showed that we are having meal with Korea customers. His company is a big company in Korea; the middle client is really a hard working man. They bought one set of FLOOR DECK ROLL FORMIG MACHINE from us. That machine will be used in Mexico for construction. Between the production making, he has been many times to our factory to see how was the machine, we teached them how to operate.
    He speaks Korean so the communication is hard for us. Sometimes we do not understand what does he mean, we have to let the translator to help us. Though it is hard, but we did it. The clients are satisfied with us not only machine but also our attitude.

  • Egypt

    This picture was taken in our office. It is client from Egypt with our boss and sale person, he bought a single deck machine of sandwich panel from our factory. Before ordering he did not come, after we finished machine, he came and inspected machine. And inspection is very smoothly. He is a good guy, when he came he bought the gift for us. When he left, he said will give us another order. Thanks to this friend, we are waiting for his news!

  • Russia

    The handsome man and beautiful lady on this picture are a nice couple comes from Russia. They are looking for roll forming machines and finally find our company. After visit us, we have a well known about Russia market. Then we recommend our double machine profile to them, they think our machine very beautiful and good quality. What’s more, it really fit them. Soon after they gone back, they ordered with us! And now they have received machine and always keep touch with us! Hope they will happy with our machine!

  • Indonesia

    In this picture, from the Left for the first and the second person are our clients.
    We were talking about our machine’s profile that time. They come from Indonesia, and they are very humor. When saw our machine, they admitted that our machines do different from others, whatever from the appearance or the quality. During our talk, they also told us many funny stories. Finally, we asked for their money, exchanged with our money. We took pictures together for memory.

  • Thailand

    This picture was taken in one of our Thailand clients’ factory. The C purlin machine which behind them just of ours. They bought many machines from us.
    Like CZ purling machine, roller shutter door machine. They are a dealer in Thailand. He can sell machines for us there. Our engineer was gone there to debug the machine. Customers like our machine very much. Our manager has got the warm hospitality and had a great time in Thailand.

  • Sir Lanka

    This picture is our Sir Lanka client with our boss, took in our office.
    He ordered us with the most popular used machine-840 type roll forming machine. His wife also Chinese and they live in Shangdong province. He have had a known about China suppliers, so for him, the business between us will be very honestly. We only make good quality machines and a perfect machine which its value will never be expensive, because it’s worth it!

  • India

    Our India client placed order on August 3rd. I communicate with him about the XDL980 roll forming machine for about a week. He is very satisfied with our machine and our service. Maybe that is the reason why he placed the order so quickly! We will prove that your chosen is right!

  • Singapore

    Our Singapore client has come to our company 2 times before he placed the order. He came to our company to check all the things about our machines, including our company capacity , our machine quality, the certificates of our company .He is very serious in the business. Because everything is very excellent, he finally bought the machine XDL410. Thank you for him finally choose us, we believe we can do much good quality machines!